OpenliteSpeed ​​using email | How to make? [Very fast OLS]

OpenliteSpeed ​​using email | How to make? [Very fast OLS]

OpenLiteSpeed ​​Free mode does not offer email, so we have to use whatever tricks are possible.

You have your site extremely fast, however now you need to put up a contact form or have an email capture.

How do I get email with OpenLiteSpeed?

On your website, on the contact button or to capture the email, the simplest thing is to create a subdomain and host it on the cheap host (shared hosting).

When the user clicks on the button, he will be redirected to the subdomain without realizing it.

After he sends the message or enters the email, you can redirect again to your main site.

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Everything has a solution, even if it's not the best. The important thing is to keep the pages loading quickly.


How to make the site faster 

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