How to optimize images for web [no plugin]

How to optimize images for web [no plugin]

How to make a website load faster

For the site to load faster it is necessary to have a strategy on what we will put on it.

It's no use having a website full of effects, beautiful and extremely loaded, if it takes too long to load. You will never make it to Google's Top 1.

Think about it, is it necessary to have this huge amount of plugins?

Wouldn't manually compressing images be better?

Of course, there are dozens of free programs to compress images and make them light and with quality.

I'm going to show you a program that is fantastic and free. We can compress to different formats and maintain quality.


You can download it depending on your operating system, 32 or 64 bit and install.

After installing, go back to the website and download the plugin package depending on the operating system, 32 or 64 bit, download and install, it's very easy and intuitive.

There is even option to convert any type of image to webp. Not that this format is necessary, it can even convert to jpg.

Let's see the difference between the original image and after it's converted.

Below is the original image with 474 kb



cavalo 1 original

Is it necessary to have all that size on a website page?

Of course not.

There is no need to be that large, as most people access the sites using their smartphone.


Totaling its 474 kb

We're going to resize and convert so we'll have a great quality and a much smaller size.



cavalo 1 original tamanho total


Click Ctrl + R and resize




cavalo 1 original tamanho redimensionado para 850

Once resized, click on the File menu and choose Save (original folder)

Let's choose the JPG format and leave the quality at 50%




cavalo 1 escolher o formato e qualidade

The image will be 39.4 kb in size


cavalo 1 original 850 compactado para jpg

So, the transformation is as we wish, this image kept a good quality, it was smaller, however, for a page load it makes a big difference.

2048x1392 with a total of 474kb


850x577 with a total of 39.4

But if there on PageSpeed Insights it always gives you the message to put WebP and AVIF images, then you can convert it to Webp, thus:


 cavalo 1 original 850 compactado para webp

With an even smaller size, keeping 850x577 with a total of 26.6 kb

On your computer, the image will almost certainly be an unknown file or with the option to open only with your default browser, in my case I use Yandex and it looks like this:


formato no se windows


Here I mixed jpg and webp images and kept a very good mark on PageSpeed Insights due to hosting factors and I always try to make the site as "clean" as possible, using few plugins.